Castelao as a Graphic Humourist

With graphic humour, he becomes the conscience of Galicia in the press. People read, comment on and cut out those pictures from the newspapers in which he publishes: Galicia moza, El Barbero Municipal, La Voz de Galicia, El Noroeste, A Nosa Terra, El Sol, Galicia, Faro de Vigo... It’s “Cousas da vida” (Things of this Life). Due to his popularity, he was elected as a Galician nationalist deputy in the Parliament in 1931: his party was the most voted in the province of Pontevedra.

«With the tip of my little pencil I will wake up, as much as I can, the sleepy awareness of our personality, with no fear of anything and, specially, of anyone»
El Barbero Municipal

El Barbero Municipal.
In this regenerationist publication, which tried to influence the lifestyle in Rianxo, Castelao collaborated as a writer and as a graphic artist. Here he experiences the political struggle while defending the Conservative Party, the party of his father Mariano, who faces the bad arts of the Liberal Party, the party of the Gasset family, which had taken over the electoral district of Padrón.


Humorismo, debuxo humorísteco, caricatura (Humour, Humorous Drawing, Caricature).
Conference published by the Real Academia Galega.

Ese muchacho

‘They say that guy knows a lot.’
‘Yes, but he has such a Galician accent…’

Abanca collection.

Cousas da vida

Cousas da Vida (Things of this Life)
‘My grandson is dying. The doctor has already told me’.
‘Don’t listen to him. If it had been a lawyer who had told you...’

Abanca collection.

Cincoenta homes por dez reás

Cincoenta homes por dez reás (Fifty Men for Ten Reales).
Nós editorial.
Compilation of humorous cartoons published in newspapers.

Xabier Iglesias collection.

O home que sabe moitas leis

O home que sabe moitas leis para facer moitas trampas (The man who knows many laws to cheat a lot).

Published in Cincoenta homes por dez reás.

Xabier Iglesias collection.

Almanaque Faro de Vigo

Almanaque Faro de Vigo / Cousas da Vida (Things of this Life)
Compilation of humorous cartoons published in the Faro de Vigo newspaper. The Galaxia editorial began to publish six volumes of humorous cartoons by Castelao in 1961, reproduced from the Galicia and Faro de Vigo newspapers.

Almanaque Faro de Vigo Cousas da Vida.

— All this stuff of commissions, committees, police stations and elections, they seem like things to eat, right?

Published in
Almanaque Faro de Vigo / Cousas da Vida.