«He was born as the owner of the keys to expression».*

Humourist, painter, writer, politician, Castelao is, first and foremost, a great communicator, a creator committed to the cause of the freedom of his country. With the impact of his work, he forged the collective consciousness of Galicia today and became a myth. Fundación Castelao is proud to spread his legacy.
* Ramón Otero Pedrayo, «Castelao», O libro dos amigos (The Book of Friends).

«We trust our people and, long after, our people will trust us»

A Fundación Castelao celebrou o 80 aniversario de Sempre en Galiza no Museo de Pontevedra

O pasado martes 28 de maio, a Fundación Castelao organizou unha xornada conmemorativa arredor da publicación Sempre en Galiza no Edificio Castelao do Museo de Pontevedra.

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